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Afghanistan Higher Education Announcement!



For some time now, the Afghanistan Higher Education portal has started its work under the Higher Education Project and wants to establish an educational competition in order to equip universities and improve the portal. Instructors from 14 faculties of education will participate in this competition and the top five faculties that would engage the most participants in the discussion board, will receive a projector and a laptop for their faculty.GLP will give five classroom projectors to the highest posting faculties of education. As you all know, every month Afghanistan Higher Education Portal introduces two educational topics for discussion in the message board and the faculty members post their responses about each topic.


Now, in order to increase the number of participants in the discussion as well as making academic discussion a custom/ ritual, the portal staff has established the above competition and the following criterions for this competition:


• By the end of December 2010, whichever faculty has the highest percentage of instructors attending these discussions and the highest number of posts, will be the winner of a projector for their faculty. The winner faculty will be chosen based on percentage system; for example if  -50 professors out of the 150 total professors from Kabul Education University participating regularly in the discussion board would count as 33%, and 13 professors out of the total 40 professors from Herat would count as 33%. GLP team would also be counting the number of posts by these professors from August through December 2010.


• In this competition, only discussion posted from August 1st, 2010 until December 31st, 2010 will be included.


• Each instructor has to write his/her name, department and province somewhere on the page when replying to a discussion post.
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روش تحقیق و روشهای تحقیق در انترنت
روش تحقیق و روشهای تحقیق در انترنت
3/31/09 12:19 PM
سلام استادان گرامی
آنجه را که پیوست نموده ام نوشته ی است پیرامون روش های تحقیق و چگونه در انترنت به تحقیق و جستجو بپردازیم.
امیدوارم مفید واقع شود.
Attachments: روش تحقیق در انترنت.pdf (444.4k)
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