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The Afghanistan Higher Education Project (HEP) is part of an overall USAID program to rehabilitate and strengthen the capacity of the education system to improve access to quality education throughout Afghanistan. HEP supports this broader objective by building sustainable capacity at the tertiary level to deliver high quality pre-service and in-service teacher education for secondary school teachers. The project is designed to deliver improvements in the quality of teacher training and academic administration through training and support.  The project focuses on long-term sustainable change through strengthening the human resource base and institutional capacity.

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The history of Baghlan University

Baghlan is a province with a population of almost one million; the majority of the people are literate. Having vast agricultural areas, two hydro-electric dams, one cement factory, coal mines at Karkar, Tala-wa-barfak, Esh Pashta, and Nahrain, Pul-e-Khumre textile factory and also gold mines, this is the only industrial and agricultural province of Afghanistan. There are 243 schools and 61 high schools which are taught by ten thousand teachers.

Due to the need for a university, in the year 1993 this university was established under the name of “Hakim Naser Khesraw University” and it started its work with two faculties of Natural Science and Literature and Social Science. This university continued its activity till 1998, and throughout its activities it graduated two sets of students with bachelor degrees. Among them, four elite students were chosen to teach in this university. At that time, the university had relatively well-equipped laboratories and a library, which were completely burned and torn down during the Taliban regime in 1998.

After the collapse of the Taliban and beginning of the Interim Government, this university started its academic activities again in year 2003 and now it has two faculties; Education and Agriculture. The Faculty of Education has 1107 male and female students taught by 37 teachers and the Faculty of Agriculture has 361 students taught by 6 teachers. Since the reactivation till 2007, this university has had 114 male and 72 female students graduated.

Since this university did not have any suitable place, therefore in year 2005 almost 250 jreebs of land was allocated for the Faculty of Agriculture, and 200 jreebs for establishing a complex for Baghlan University in Hussain Khel. So far, a three story building is built with all needed facilities, and the university has shifted to there. Now the area of 200 jreebs is under construction, building of the wall around the area is completed and the work of administration and classrooms buildings has started.

It is worth mentioning that in year 2006 the University had 55 graduates from the pre-service part, of which 5 were female.  So far 103 Students have graduated from the in-service part.

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